Monday, July 25, 2016


This last photo might be a failed attempt to "not take myself too seriously". Not sure if that translates, or if I just look stupid. Anyway, I've grown to love shorts (with my annoying east coast accent its "showts"). Not to mention these are in my favorite shade of throw up. I've been told I have weird taste in colors, good thing I picked a career where half the work is with colors, amirite?

I was one of those gothy kids who always wore long black pants in the summer and it drove my mother crazy. I was committed to a ~look~, ya'll know how it is. But now, shorts are my fave go to in the summer, especially now that I'm a self proclaimed "bike bitch".

Anyway, happy Monday! I'm wearing my Hypno Flower Power brooch (limited edition!) that's new in my shop, and patch is by Tuesday Bassen.


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