Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 Dress// Modcloth
Boots// Vintage via Mom
Glasses// Vintage
Earrings// Crafted
Happy Halloween everyone! Though, I'm not really in a costume persay, I still wanted an excuse to wear black lipstick today (and I can always use Wednesday Addams' excuse saying that I'm dressed as a homicidal maniac..they look just like everybody else)

And to address the giant elephant in the room, I'm hoping all of my east coast readers/followers are alright from Sandy. We were very fortune here, the power never went out and no flooding. Counting my blessins. I'm about to take a walk to the post office, to see if they are even open to send out all my etsy orders. Stay safe!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guest Post Recipe // Chantal of Ponychops!

Hi Guys! I'm Chantal and I blog over at PonyChops where I often post about my own artwork, fashion, animals and food. Midge has very kindly offered to let me do a guest post here! So I thought I'd give you a little sample of the kind of creative recipes I usually share on my blog, but with a bit of a halloween twist.

I want to introduce you to my Wicked Swamp Smoothie. Complete with frog spawn and algae.
Did you hate eating vegetables when you were a kid? I did. My mum would have to trick me and tell me they were something gross like witches snot to get me to eat them. That's where I came up with this idea. A completely revolting looking & delicious Halloweeny drink that is bound to make anyone curious enough to drink it. And I promise you can't even taste the spinach! 

To make it into a cocktail add a shot (or two) of your favourite spirit. I recommend blue curacao.

What you will need (serves 2-3):
1/2 cup quick cook tapioca pearls

2 tbsp agave or honey 
1.5 cups green jello (already prepared)
1 cup frozen spinach
1 banana
1 cup orange juice

1. Boil 5 cups of water in a saucepan. Once boiled add the tapioca pearls & stir gently. When the tapioca pearls fatten up cover the saucepan and leave to simmer for 5 mins. For none quick cook tapioca pearls follow instructions on packet.

2. Once the tapioca pearls are cooked, drain them & mix with 2 tablespoons agave and 2 tablespoons hot water. Leave to cool

3. Once the pearls are cool. Blend the frozen spinach, banana and orange juice until smooth using a blender or smoothie maker.

4. Divide the tapioca pearls between each glass, this forms the "frog spawn". Then top with the green jello to about 2/3 of the glass.

5. Finally, top it with your spinach smoothie "algae". Add some large bubble tea straws and you're ready to drink your yummy pond water! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mystery Dress

Dress// Thrifted
Glasses// Kiss

Ok, so the designer/company that makes this dress is a total mystery to me. I got it from the thrift store and the tag has been ripped out. This may be really wishful thinking, but to me it looks like a Ted Baker dress. That sounds like it's too good to be true, but doesn't it really look like it's made by Ted baker? I think it does. It's definitely not actually vintage because I can tell by the way the remains of the tag look and the material seems new. 

Anybody recognize this dress or even have it? Because it just fits so wonderfully and I would probably like to buy more like it. The shape is perfect and its very comfortable. Damn tag rippers!


Monday, October 22, 2012


Dress// Thrifted (tag says H&M)
Belt// F21
Glasses// Vintage
Shoes// Steve Madden

I love using the word "autumnal", its just fun to say. This dress reminds of of butternut squash soup, and now I really really want some. My dad has a kickass recipe. Can you tell I'm hungry right now?

So, I'm glad I got alot of stuff done today because tomorrow I have to show up for stupid Jury Duty. NOOOOO!!! I hope they don't pick me, obviously. No one wants that. The thought of having to go makes me want to stomp and throw things. I have this plan of dressing real riot grrrl so they see me and don't want to pick my punk ass. If I do this, I'll be sure to share pictures of the outfit. 

Wish me luck!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Green & Polka Dots

Top// H&M
Skirt// F21
Glasses// Vintage
Boots// Zigi
Brooch// c/o Sugar Cookie

Phew! I am tired! But my outfit today made me happy, and it's sunny out and that makes me happy too.
I went to the thrift store yesterday, and I got some really great finds for myself. None of them actually vintage, just great clothes for real cheap. I'll be sharing one with you tomorrow, so stay tuned!
In other news, I think I finally mastered the art of plastic jewelry. I'll be adding a bunch to my etsy shop very soon! <3


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Craft Store Chic

Shirt// Anthropologie
Pants (!!!)// New York & Company
Shoes// Target
Bracelet// Betsey Johnson
Glasses// Kiss

AHH! PANTS! I think this may be my first post wearing pants! These are the only pair I actually wear on a regular basis (they're really jeggings but hey). This is basically my "I have to go to the craft store and thats the only time I'm leaving the house cause I work in my house" look. Cute, simple, comfortable. Also, my hair is getting to that point where I have to straighten it so I don't look un-kempt. I've decided I'll have it cut after Halloween so I don't need t buy a wig for my costume. Yeah, I get really into planning things.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Black & Red

Dress// Kensie
Blazer// Priorities 
Tights// HUE
Shoes// Liz Claiborne

I feel so friggin classy. Tonight my brother and I are taking our parents out to dinner for their 40th Anniversary. 40 years was actually last weekend, but I thought it would be nice to comp their dinner being as they always do it for me, haha!

I made them a card and on the inside I wrote "Here's to another 40 years of calling each-other Shit-head and Pig-vomit." It's ok, they say it with love. 

Today was a good saturday, crafted some, read some, now time to go hang out with my family. And my brother's dog. Mainly my brother's dog.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fox Blood

Top// Romeo and Juliet Couture
Shorts// F21
Tights// HUE
Shoes// Steve Madden

I've never rally tried out the whole sheer baggy top thing, and I found this adorable fox print top at Lord and Taylor that was like more than half off in clearance, so I thought why not!

I wore this outfit this pat weekend bowling with Mike. Last time I went bowling I was 14 and me and my friend all got kicked out cause we were rowdy teenagers or something like that. It was a lot more fun than I expected. Afterwards we went to this what I call the reject mall cause no one goes there and it's almost totally empty. And we somehow walked into a cat show where Nordstrom rack used to be there, which is kind of hilarious, and I wish I snapped some pictures. Maybe I was scared of the cat people yelling at me.

My week is already pretty swamped, I must say! But it's always a good busy. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and then I have to stop myself from complaining because I stop and think about how I built this business/shop from the ground up and that I have enough people that care about it to keep me busy, and that is just so awesome. So yeah, back to work!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Shop Update// Halloweenie Thingies

Halloween is by far my favorite Holiday, and I love making cute limited items for my shop, so why not make some Halloween stuff? I made these buttons, one set being my little Halloween illustrations, the other one being of my fave vintage characters.

And theres also Hallowzine, which I kind of thought of last minute, I made it in only a couple hours. It's a cute mini zine filled with my spooky doodles :)

You can find all this tuff in my etsy <3


Flowers and Boots

Shirt// Some artsy store in Seattle
Skirt// Target
Boots// Doc Martens
Glasses// Kiss

I wish I knew who made this shirt. I got it like 4 years ago in Seattle in an indie shop but I cut the collar in such a way that I cut off the persons logo. So now I'll never know so I can't buy more stuff from them :(
I love pairing florals with shirts that have explosions on them and doc martens. I feel so *grunge*. Today has been a good Friday, took myself out to lunch, did a little shopping and and errands and got some orders out to the post office. I bought some fake meat from Trader Joe's today and I'm excited to chow down on that for dinner, I hear it's good. I also bought guacamole hummus, which sounds awesome but I tired it when I got home and it tastes like paste. Don't buy that junk.
Right now I'm gonna watch roseanne and draw WOOO!


PS Don't eat Trader Joe's peanut butter either, it was just recalled for salmonella YUCK!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Accessories Spotlight// Sugar Cookie

 So recently I received my package from Missy of Sugar Cookie and I could not be more delighted with this stuff. I mean, everything is kind of unbearably cute. She makes lots of wearables like wooden brooches, barrettes,  and pinback buttons. A lot of them are inanimate objects that become adorable and animate with Missy's signature little faces. It's funny how much giving something a cute little face makes it so much more lovable.

 I love wearing brooches on all my peter pan collar shirts, right in the center. I think it quirks up any outfit, and this record player is for sure my new fave.

She also has these buttons, that look great on my go-to black bag from target. Now its so much more fun, don't you agree?

All of Missy's items can be found in her Etsy shop at Happy shopping! She has quite the variety of cute stuff in her shop.

She also makes a ton of cute zines which I will be reviewing in another post very soon, keep an eye out!


Sweater Weather

Top// JC Pennys
Sweater// H&M
Skirt// F21
Shoes// Thrifted
Bag// Target
Buttons/Brooch// c/o Sugar Cookie

Hi all!, It's been quite the busy week for me. Not with work, obviously cause I've been a but MIA but with family. My aunt went home Tuesday. Yesterday was jam packed with catching up on my etsy orders and all that. But it was a fun week! We saw Sting at Jean Georges which was pretty cool.

The weather has kinda been like gloom and doom as of late, but atleast I get to break out my comfy sweaters. I need a bunch of new ones because A: My favorite one has holes all over it and B: My mom keeps on taking my basic black one and losing it. A trip to the thrift store for some new ones is in my near future. probably tomorrow.

Midge the Queen of TMI